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Unique business model

Most of our competitors make tools and then sell subscriptions to advisers. Our business model is different. We start by looking at where we can add most value to the sector as a whole. This approach has enabled us to deliver unparalleled insights to platforms and product providers.

By using AdviserAsset, over 14,000 advisers are continually telling us on an anonymous basis what they want from platforms and products, in real-time. Every time a comparison is run, the tool tells us the extent to which each platform and product is meeting adviser requirements. Every time a charge comparison is run, the tool tells us how advisers are investing and how price competitive each platform and product is. We are continually collecting this data in real-time.

The AdviserAsset data therefore provides a unique real-time marketwide empirical view of platform and product strengths and weaknesses at both a macro and a micro level. We could see from our earliest feasibility studies that this data would provide valuable insights to platforms and product providers to inform their pricing and development agendas. We therefore view AdviserAsset as being the market’s largest real-time ‘survey’ of adviser requirements and platform/product competitiveness. No other survey or data-set is as wide ranging or as real-time.

Having this unique real-time view empowers us to help improve the market for advisers. We have been doing this successfully for the past two and half years. AdviserAsset data has influenced platform and product development for the better.

The sort of insights that we can deliver to platforms and product providers are wide ranging, and include the ability to answer the following questions for the market as a whole, or for defined adviser segments;

  • How well is each platform/product doing across the comparisons being run by advisers? How is this changing over time?
  • How price competitive is each platform and product in absolute terms? How does price competitiveness change when taking into account the investments that are actually being made by advisers and any special terms that have been negotiated?
  • How does movement in price translate into movement in market share? What does the price elasticity of demand curve look like?
  • Which aspects of functionality are most valued by advisers? What combinations of functionality are most important to get right?
  • Which tools are most valued by advisers?
  • Which funds, asset classes and tax wrappers are most attractive to advisers? How is fund preference changing over time?
  • What changes to products and platforms would be most attractive to advisers?
  • Where should platforms and product providers be investing? What does the business case look like for any change to price, product or platform features? What is the cost of getting this wrong?
  • How well is each platform rated by advisers in terms of the service provided? Over 7,500 online service questionnaires have been completed by advisers covering 28 aspects of service spanning remote sales support, face to face sales support, transaction processing, client reporting and user support/training/help.

Many platforms now subscribe to our analytics where answers to these questions and many more can be tracked online real-time.




We focus on those areas where we know we can add the most value to the market as a whole. This is as much about what we don’t do as what we do.



Our independence is vitally important to us. Independence gives us the complete freedom to make the right decisons; to do the right things right, free from bias and conflicts of interest. It enables us to be highly responsive and agile. It keeps our costs low, which helps us deliver lower cost services to advisers.