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Colin Turton

AdviserAsset is led by Colin Turton. Colin has worked in the financial advice sector for over 30 years. His background includes accountancy and consultancy with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young. He has previously been a practicing IFA and has also worked with the FSA, the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Insurance and Financial Services and DGXV of the European Commission.

Real IFA experience

Colin has worked in the Financial Services sector since 1978 and has therefore witnessed at first-hand the relentless challenges faced by financial advisers over this period. After practicing as an IFA for six years Colin moved to PricewaterhouseCoopers and then Ernst & Young where he started what has become a lifelong passion - working with product providers and platforms to help make a better market place for financial advisers.

Making a better place

Colin has set up and run several successful businesses which have focused on helping product providers and platforms deliver what financial advisers really want. These businesses include IFA MarketWatch which has been delivering IFA research and benchmarking insights to product providers for the past twelve years. Almost all product providers and the FSA have used IFA MarketWatch services.

Why AdviserAsset

AdviserAsset has been an extension of the theme of helping product providers and platforms to deliver what IFAs really want. As Colin puts it, “AdviserAsset provides us with a unique real-time view of platform pricing and what advisers want from platforms and products across all of the areas highlighted by the FCA as being key to due diligence. Having this clarity of adviser needs and being able use it to influence the development agendas of product providers and platforms is the most thrilling part of what we do. By using AdviserAsset, advisers are all doing their bit to create a better market for us all.”

Regulatory representation

Colin has undertaken several projects working with the FSA during his time at Ernst & Young and with IFA MarketWatch. His work with the FSA has included conducting compliance audits of IFA firms. He has also previously been a Technical Adviser to The All Party Parliamentary Committee on Insurance and Financial Services and has worked with DGXV of the European Commission to help shape the structure on the financial services market throughout the EC.

Outside of work

Colin’s interests outside of work centre on family life; his wife Sally and three teenage daughters. He is a RYA qualified YachtMaster and CAA authorised air display and helicopter pilot. For light relief he flies display aerobatics in a Spitfire look-alike Yakolev, a single seat tail wheel aircraft with full RAF Spitfire markings and similar performance characteristics to the Spitfire. As Colin puts it "it's my way of paying tribute to Churchill's 'Few'...there is something profoundly British about a small group of people fighting for our independence, massively outnumbered and winning with courage and integrity in the face of seemingly impossible odds. I see some parallels in what we are doing with AdviserAsset."







Passionate about Advisers

When we look at the UK adviser market we see a group of dedicated resilient professionals adding major value to their client’s financial wellbeing. This has a really great feel to us, and we want to be a part of it. That is why we are here. It's what drives us.




Extraordinary Skill Set

Of course we have actuarial and accountancy skills. We have talented web and database developers. We work with multi award winning IFAs. But creation of the new AdviserAsset tool has needed more than this...much more.