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The new AdviserAsset cashflow planning tool

Advisers who worked with us to develop our new cash flow planning tool told us that some tools are hugely complex and unwieldy, while other tools and approaches can be very simple, but these can be inflexible, fragmented, and often lack the depth of analysis needed.

Advisers also told us that cash flow tools are getting increasingly expensive, with one tool provider over doubling subscription charges in the past year!

So we’ve squared the circle. We’ve worked with advisers to build a tool that;

  •  is very quick and easy to use, even for the most complex of client circumstances,
  •  is highly flexible, and,
  • effortlessly produces highly insightful data and graphs for your client report.

…and the cost is less than half that of other tools of this type.

The AdviserAsset cash flow planning tool includes the ability to;

  • set income and expenses which can fluctuate over time to reflect the most varied of client circumstances,
  • set-up any form of savings pot and easily model contributions to and withdrawals from savings pots,
  • apply any taxation adjustment and undertake taxation what-if analysis,
  • easily toggle between absolute values and values in today’s terms,
  • stress-test your plan by applying user defined market events, or by quickly and easily running Monte Carlo simulations that are fully integrated with the cash flow plan,
  • take snap-shots of the emerging plan as-you-go to provide a powerful set of easy to understand graphics for your client report.

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AdviserAsset platform ratings

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