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We focus on those areas where we know we can add the most value to the market as a whole. This is as much about what we don’t do, as what we do.

We have complete focus on our core competency which is adding value to the sector as a whole through the provision of the highest quality free tools to advisers and unique market-wide insights to platforms and product providers. This means that most of our IT development and all of our database management is retained in-house. All non-core business processes are outsourced to exemplars in these disciplines.

We are not seeking to extend our services into a broader compliance proposition as we believe that this would dilute the value that we offer through our core focus on platform and product due diligence. Most importantly, we believe that advisers should be free to pick-and-mix from the very best of the available services, without the risks that can be introduced through over-reliance on one service provider.

Our aim is just to be the very best in the areas where we know we can be.



Unique business model

Most of our competitors make tools and then sell subscriptions to advisers. Our model is different. We start by looking at where we can add most value to the sector as a whole. This approach has enabled us to deliver unparalleled insights to platforms and product providers.



Our independence is vitally important to us. Independence gives us the complete freedom to make the right decisons; to do the right things right, free from bias and conflicts of interest. It enables us to be highly responsive and agile. It keeps our costs low, which helps us deliver lower cost services to advisers.