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Research and benchmarking

AdviserAsset is part of the MarketWatch Group which has been working with product providers and platforms for the past twelve years to help them improve their adviser products and propositions.

Our studies for product providers and platforms in the IFA market have been wide ranging and have included;

  • Reviews of product provider and platform website effectiveness involving us facilitating over 250 IFA man days of website usability testing.
  • Reviews of the adviser marketing communication effectiveness of platforms/product providers. This has involved accessing our unique online real-time library of over 80,000 marketing communications sent to advisers by the life companies, platforms and fund providers over the past ten years. We also have a 'state of the art' mailing house with access to over 40,000 adviser email addresses.
  • A recent study of the use of social media by IFAs, product providers and platforms in which over 1,000 advisers participated. The study highlighted the challenges faced by platform and product providers seeking to connect with advisers in this way.
  • The price competitiveness of platforms; a high level study of how well platforms are featuring in the charge comparisons run by advisers.

To a large degree, it has been by leveraging the insights gained from some of these research areas that has enabled AdviserAsset to grow to over 14,000 adviser users from a standing start in less than three years.



A key part of our proposition is the insight that we can deliver to platforms and product providers which enables them to understand true price competitiveness and to focus their development effort on those areas that advisers value most and deliver greatest ROI. Closing this loop benefits advisers, providers and platforms.





We deliver a range of market leading best advice decision support tools to financial advisers. Our platform charge comparison tool now has over 14,000 adviser users and is also used extensively by the leading platforms.