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We deliver a range of market leading best advice decision support tools to financial advisers including;

  • a charge comparison tool which enables comparison of product and platform charges on the standardised deterministic projection basis specified by the FCA, including RIY,
  • a platform due diligence tool based on the FSA factsheet ‘Platforms: using fund supermarkets and wraps’ which enables advisers to specify their own platform requirements and compare how well each platform meets these requirements,
  • a pension switching analysis tool which compares ceding scheme projections with potential alternative plans including consideration of early transfer values, RU64, PCLS and death benefit. The tool also pre-populates the FCA pension switching template.
  • a drawdown analysis tool which takes into account both plans in accumulation and in drawdown. The tool enables dynamic modelling of various income profiles showing when the pension pot will be depleted against the context of the client's life expectancy. The dynamic modelling facility enables flexing of TFC in line with the recent announcement on the removal of the TFC restriction. The annuity income options are also shown throughout the drawdown planning phase.
  • a risk profiling tool which has been built specifically to address the widespread weaknesses in current tools and approaches that were identified in the FSA Guidance Consultation paper on suitability, and also in the Global Review of Risk Profiling Best Practices undertaken for the Ontario Securities Commission in which the UK FCA participated.
  • a recently launched life time cash flow modelling tool. Very easy to use and flexible enough to cater for the most complex client circumstances.

We have over 5,000 users of the tools. Most leading platforms also use our tools to benchmark their propositions against the competition.






A key part of our proposition is the insight that we can deliver to platforms and product providers which enables them to understand true price competitiveness and to focus their development effort on those areas that advisers value most and deliver greatest ROI. Closing this loop benefits advisers, providers and platforms.




Research and benchmarking

AdviserAsset is part of the MarketWatch Group which has been working with product providers and platforms for the past twelve years to help them improve their adviser products and propositions. Almost all product providers, platforms and the FSA have used these services.