Cashflow Modelling Tool

The AdviserAsset cash flow tool combines speed and ease of use with powerful planning features. The tool includes the ability to:

  • Set-up savings pots of any type. As well as traditional wrappers the tool can accommodate literally any savings pot type including, for example, rental properties and retained profit in a limited company.
  • Adjust results to reflect taxation of any withdrawals from any savings pot.
  • Include all incomes and all expenses of any type, which if needed can fluctuate over time to reflect the most varied of client circumstances.
  • Model transfers between savings pots.
  • Apply auto-withdrawals from savings pots to automatically close any gap between income and expenses. In doing so, you can prioritise which savings pots are to be withdrawn from.
  • Easily toggle between absolute values and values in today’s terms.
  • Stress-test your plan by applying user defined market events, or by quickly and easily running Monte Carlo simulations that are fully integrated with the cash flow plan.
  • Take snap-shots of the emerging plan as-you-go to provide a powerful set of easy to understand graphics for your client report.
  • If required, you can provide your client with access to the tool to enter details of their income, expenses and savings pots. You will be notified as soon as the client has completed the input.
  • Tool output can be in either Word of pdf format and can include your adviser logo.

This tool has been built to be flexible enough to handle the most challenging and complex of client circumstances, but also to be very quick and easy to use.