Who We Are

AdviserAsset was launched 10 years ago by Colin Turton. When Colin looked at the market at that time he saw tools that were running old technology, focussed on ‘products’ rather than platforms and assets, that were difficult to use, and were costly to advisers.

AdviserAsset has therefore set about delivering tools to advisers that are of the highest quality, the easiest to use and at the lowest cost. 10 years and over 5,000 users later we have a wide range of tools that meet those key criteria.

AdviserAsset is a 21st Century business. The quality of our tools in a world of social media means we do not need to advertise or use sales people; a big cost saving. We also have 21st century business processes and systems that deliver efficiencies which enable us to operate at very low cost. These cost advantages are passed onto our users in the form of the lowest subscription charges in the market.

The quality and ease of use of our tools comes from putting advisers at the centre of our business and our developments. Our tools are continually evolving, always in response to suggestions and requests from advisers.

AdviserAsset is also an innovator, most recently with the launch of our multi-wrapper switching/consolidation tool. This is the first tool capable of doing this, and sits well with the direction the FCA is taking on seeking to stimulate freedom of movement of assets between platforms. The new tool enables advisers to analyse the impact of consolidating assets onto a single platform that are distributed across many different wrapper types and platforms/providers.

Our founder, Colin Turton is still full-time engaged in AdviserAsset and remains passionate about the AdviserAsset vision of delivering to advisers the highest quality easy-to-use low cost tools.

Colin has wide ranging experience of working with advisers, providers and regulators. This work has included time with both PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young where he delivered and managed pan European consultancy engagements to some of the EUís largest product providers and adviser firms.

Uniquely for a tool provider CEO, Colin has gained frontline experience as a practicing IFA. He has also worked with UK regulators in their various guises over the years, including SIB, PIA and the FSA. From a broader regulatory perspective, Colin has helped shape the structure of financial services in the UK and EU, having previously been a Technical Adviser to the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Insurance and Financial Services and a consultant to DGXV of the European Commission, the executive arm of the EU responsible for European financial services legislation.