Charge Comparison And Product Research Tool

This tool quickly and easily calculates total cost of ownership (as required by FCA DP10/2). The tool has a wide range of features (too numerous to cover all here) that include:

  • Allows more than one wrapper type to be considered in the same charge comparison; critical for comparing platform solutions.
  • Calculates and compares the charges applicable to both on and off-platform solutions as required by FCA PS11/9.
  • Includes the charges of your investment portfolio as applicable to each platform, taking into account share class variances (as required by FCA DP10/2). The tool reflects any exclusive or semi-exclusive share classes and any unit rebates. Insured/mirror funds can also be included for life company solutions.
  • Adjusts results to take account of any special platform pricing deals that have been negotiated.
  • Includes any transaction charges that might be incurred for switching/rebalancing and includes ETFs and Investment Trust transaction charges.
  • Accommodates any DFM and DFM portfolio, combing both DFM and platform charge if required.
  • Facility to build you own platform to reflect any bespoke platform arrangements you may have.
  • Accommodates your adviser charging; initial and ongoing, fixed £ fee, % fee, tiered fees.
  • Allows for existing/connected platform accounts.
  • Tool output can be in either Word of pdf format, and can include your adviser logo.

You can also undertake product research as the tool can filter-out solutions based on your client requirements using some 350 filters.